Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Movies, for a change

Picked up a few cheap today, among them two recent favorites, The Girl Next Door and Ella Enchanted. One being a teen T&A flik, the other a kid-friendly fairy tale, just to show how bizarre my movie buying is. Also picked up The Triplets of Bellville (two Acadamy award nods hopefully will equal a good flik) andthe Station Agent, which I've heard great things about (over at Movie Poop Shoot, DVD Diatribe, it's a great column.) Oh, and the last Lord of the Rings picture. Just to round out the set...plus it was only seven bucks. I'm a sucker for anything cheap.

Then I rented Star Wars: Battlefront. Haven't talked much about video games at all, maybe I'll remedy that. Not that anyone's begging for it. So, looks like those reviews will be waiting at least another day, sorry folks!


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