Thursday, September 23, 2004

I lied, here it is:

Okay, so, here we go. First, let me say, maybe I'm a bit late to this party, as you don't see too many people discussing it lately, but it's still something I've always wanted to speak my mind about. So, either click the X in the top corner, or bare with me, and try to enjoy yourself.

Gay marriage seems to be very controversial, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. As a kid who gre up in the church (and in the south no less) it's pretty radical that I actually believe alot of the things I believe. Sure, if you'd like to take a biblical standpoint, I can see where you have a point. In the eyes of your God, it might be wrong.

But, the church lessons I was always taught preached of tolerence and understanding, of love and acceptence. Those were always the important messages. I don't remember a passage condemning homsexual marriage (though some could probably point me ther, but honestly, I don't care). But, okay, I see what you're saying. In the eyes of your church it's wrong.

So, don't let gay men and women be married in your church. There are plenty of open churches these days that don't condemn homosexuality, and if yours does, well, whatever, it's a free country. As long as you're not out burning crosses and hanging people. You're the person who'll have to answer to God for the hatred you held in your heart.

Which brings me to this...what the fuck does religion have to do with marriage? Seriously. Two athiests can go down to a courthouse and tie the knot, as long as they are of different sexes, but two men (or women) can't because it somehow belittles the things you deem sacred.

What the fuck?

God didn't tell Adam and Eve to seek out a justice of the peace, get a license, a blood test, to file thier taxes differently, none of the shit that has become associated with marriage in this country. He said: "Go forth and multiply (or be fruitful, however you want to interpret that). Where's marriage in there?

By those words God just openly allowed sex BEFORE marriage, and among relatives at that (sounds a bit like the south, no? see, we follow our Bible down here folks!). So, you're whole basis for marriage is lost from the first book of the bible, for all those that claim marriage was simply a union between man and woman intended to start a family.

Sure, go ahead, quote me all those passages you love to spit out at naysayers. I'll listen. Tell me the history of marriage throughout the entire book, and what God says about it.

To that I say marriage in this day and age is a financial institution, not a spiritual one. Again, athiests get married, as do Satan worshippers, I'm sure, so why don't you try and outlaw that? You can't, can you? It throws a kink into your entire argument.

I have a cousin who told me he wouldn't have a problem with gay marriage, except that he feels, and I quote, "gays are trying to make a mockery of the institution."

That is without a doubt the most bone-headed, idiotic statement I've ever heard.

As if straight people haven't made into a big enough joke. Celebrities get married as often as they change their clothes, divorce runs rampant throughout the country, and you can pullup to a booth in Vegas and be married in five minutes. None of these things came from gay marriage, but they are prime examples of why marriage considered as anything other than a finacial institution is a joke.

I know an almost infinite number of straight couples, but I can count on one hand the number that are happy, whether they're married or not. However, the gay couples I know can be counted on just one hand, and every one of them is happier than 95% of the straight couples I know (me included). Which makes think there might be something to being gay, but sadly I just don't find men attractive.

So, why the hell can they not get married? Because it might piss of the religious folk? Fuck 'em, they've got it coming to them. Not one single person has ever given me a valid reason gay marriage shouldn't be allowed. Aren't all men and women entitled to equality? Isn't that what this country is about. (Before someone says it, yes, I know that's an idealistic view, but it's one I have).

Yeah, I'm not making quite the point I'd hoped, and this is coming off as a bit preachy, but it's also a subject I'm very passionate about. Interesting side note, I was told that if I support gay marriage and think the war was a bad idea, then I must (and the MUST was emphasized) vote Democratic in the upcoming election.

First, I've never voted, and don't intend to until the system and the parties are completely done away with. Which is another reason I was told I MUST vote. Second, just because I believe certain things in alignment with Democrats, doesn't make me a Democrat. I see eye-to-eye with alot of Republican views as well, but I'm not gonna run out an align myself with those idiots either.

Bottom line, marriage, as I said, is a financial institution, one any couple should be allowed access to. Others who agree with my statements may disagree with that and say that marriage is a display of devotion to your loved one, a commitment to building something together, but I disagree. If you need recognition from the government to make a commitment to someone you love then you're far beyond help.


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