Sunday, September 12, 2004


And it can mean only one thing. The triumphant return of Atlanta Falcon Football. Well, maybe not triumphant, but, hey, they're back!

Yeah, you don't meet too many fanboy's who happen to be football fanatics as well. It's an odd existemce that I live. Anyway, since I will likely be tied up the rest of the day watching the greatest sport in the world, and cheering on my fantasy team (The Devestators; they can find a way to make even football geeky, isn't it amazing!) I thought I'd finish up a review first. So, here it is!

X-Force #2 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Creative Team: Rob Liefeld, Fabian Nicieza, with colors by Matt Yackey, and letters by Rus Wooton

What's it about? Beats the hell out of me. Cable is attempting to reform his paramilitary squad to face yet another futuristic foe. That's pretty much all I got out of last issue.

This issue: Ummm...Cable attempts to reform his...oh forget it. This issue we see the rest of the old team (minus Syrin, which I found a bit odd) all but refuse to help Cable. Except for Sam, who's in Kentucky, and ends up being visited by someone else form the future claiming that Cable will be responsible for some tragedy or another. Oh, and it turns out Sam is once again some sort of "savior" or something. So when the rest of the gang find out Sam might be in trouble, they naturally go running to help. Bodyslide, end of issue.

Why you should be reading it: You really shouldn't. The reasons I am are about as dumb as they come. First, the writing isn't terrible. It's not. In fact there are a few moments where it's a tad bit on the witty sad, just a tad though. Of course I never found Rob and Fabes work together to be that atrocious to begin with. There's obviously an effort on someones part to drop hints at what these characters have been doing lately, but there's huge gaps between last issue and this one. Which just makes you scratch your head. You can easily fill in the blanks, but in today's slow-paced comic world it's a bit puzzling. Of course, I often complain about slow pace as well. Typical fanboy bitching....

The art, you ask? Well, that's where the book is really failing. The art isn't even up to par with last issue...and that's just sad. Liefeld art is pretty substandard enough, but bad Liefeld art is just awful. On top of that we didn't get the obligatory fight scene. This issue was a bit disappointing. Anyone that knows me knows I have a love for bad thing, be they movies or comics, but when you're writing something you know isn't exactly "great" have some fun with it. I'd call X-Force the Showgirls of the comic world. It's one of those things you shouldn't watch, but it's just so darned fun. Except for the art, personally I'd love to see a great artist on the book. Igor Kordey maybe. Something like that might bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

Later folks.


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