Thursday, September 23, 2004


Tonight was the season premier of everyone's favorite teenaged superhero. Seriously, if you're not watching this show, you're missing out on some great TV. Sure it's filled with soap opera style plots, more teen angst than a John Hughes film (well, maybe not...), and probably a cast too sexy to even be allowed to be on television, much less play characters fanboys drool over (fangirls too, I'd imagine that works both ways, hell, multiple ways). but, it's still the best thing to happen to Supes since...well, since those nice Jewish kids created him.

Seriously. If you are watching this show and you're a comic book reader, you have to admit that this is the most interesting the character has been since he died oh those many years ago. And he wasn't that interesting then.

So, tonight we got to see the introduction of Lois Lane, find out that everyone isn't dead, see a bald Lionel luthor, and have even more secrets thrown our way. There were a handful of great moments, like clark wearing the red blanket, and Margot Kidder (in response to a query about her interest in Dr. Swan, who'splayed by Chris Reeve.) saying "In another life."

However, the flirting over the dead cousins/friends grave thing was a bit retarded (another word I meant to throw into my diatribe about how words take on different meanings...but, I'm getting off point). Yes, we all know she isn't dead, but it did seem to be a bit....dark, maybe? Not sure what word I'm looking for.

All in all though, a great episode. The black kryptonite seemed to be a handy plot point, but everything in this show is far too coincidental to feel grounded in the least bit. It's really part of the charm. Here's hoping the season just gets better from here.

Hope to have a review up later, possibly tomorrow, and I'm going to talk about one of those "important" things I mentioned a few days ago. Namely gay marriage. That'll either bring you back or send you screaming, either way, I'll be talking about it tomorrow. Well, lecturing would be a better word I suppose.


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