Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Trilogy Tuesday

Looks like the event geeks everywhere have been waiting for has finally happened. The holy trilogy gets its first DVD release. Why do I say first? Look at how many VHS editions were released, so I can't possibly expect this to be the last we see of Lucas and his remastered shit. That's exactly what it is folks. Shit.

I could stand here all day and bitch about the fact that the man ruined his one and only masterpiece, but that's not true. The films were never his to begin with. At least, the original films weren't. This crap we're getting now, yeah, that's a George Lucas film.

The plot is a mish mash of various things, most notably akira Kurasawa's Hidden Forstress, and Lucas didn't even direct the best film of the series, and only gets credit for the story, not the actual script. The third film, Reurn of the Jedi, is the same as the second, Lucas niether directs nor gets credit for the script, just the story.

The man isn't getting a dime from me folks, and I feel for all you suckers coughing up good money for this shiny dog-turd he's selling.

You're better off buying either one of the other notable releases coming out this week, Mr. show: Season 4, or Mad TV: Season 1. At least they're intentionally funny.


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