Saturday, September 11, 2004

Why do they call it the blues?

Beats me, but Bluesman by Rob Vollmar and Pablo Vallejo promises to be one of the best, and most inmportant comics work this year, possibly ever. The duo previously worked on The Castaways from Absence of Ink press, and it's probably one of the greatest stories ever written, and shows just what this medium is capable of.

ADD over at the Galaxy has been talking about Bluesman for some time, and I'm finally getting in on it. It can (and should) be pre-ordered from the recent Previews catalog, and according to Alan, can be found at the Absence of Ink website.I can't find it there just yet, but I could be losing my mind.

There's plenty of stuff worth buying outside of Bluesman including the previously mentioned The Castaways. O and there's also Forlorn Funnies (which gave us another of the greatest works this year, Mother, Come Home. So, here's the link: Absence of Ink Comic Press - Home

Check it out, buy something, and if you find the Bluesman solicitation, let me know!

For more on Bluesman and Rob Vollmar, check out Alan's Five Questions at Neswarama:

Hopefully I'll get to some reviews later.


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