Wednesday, September 01, 2004

TV Time

I actually caught new episodes of a TV series tonight, well, two series to be exact. First was the new animated adult comedy, Father of the Pride. Now, it wasn't bad, really, but the fact that it's animated leads me to believe two things, it'll attract kids, and it'll try to imitate other successful animated shows. Neither of which will be good. Popular shows like the ones on Adult Swim have made it trendy to write edgy cartoons for an older audience, but trying to capitalize on that just for the sake of it seems idiotic, and we all know the networks can never go where cable can, so why try? As for the kids thing, this is marketed to adults, but being on a network, and being in primetime will just lead to failure for the show, parents won't much care for the subject matter. Which is really a shame, because the show had its moment, and I laughed out loud at times. It was worth it just to hear "bitch" from a cartoon on network TV.

The other was Scrubs, which is the funniest show on TV, and this episode proved it. Last season was a bit lackluster, and it felt like NBC just didn't know what to do with the show. Hopefully we'll see something great this year, as it could very well fall into the ranks of sitcom history as one of the best shows, and longest, to ever air. I honestly hope this show lasts a decade or more. The writing is always fresh, the characters are well rounded, and feel very human, the jokes are actually funny, and it's got that quirkyness to it that just makes me love it so much more than any other show I've ever sat down to watch. This is some great TV here folks.

Oh, and unlike Tom the Dog (see his recent musings, to the right) I don't think Heather Graham is all that bad. She seemed to hold up okay during the course of the show.


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tomthedog said...

I agree -- while I do have a large reserve of ill will toward Heather Graham, I think she did all right on the show. She's got great writing to work with, obviously, but she still did well above and beyond that. But the bit that had me laughing my guts out was JD's and Turk's reunion at the very beginning, with them running all over the hospital and missing each other. When JD appeared in a window right above Turk and said, "Ahhh, how did THAT happen??" I had to pause the TiVo while I laughed myself silly. Great, great show.