Sunday, September 05, 2004

Getting that itch again...

Which can only mean one thing.

Scratch #4 $2.95 (DC Comics)

Creative team: Sam Kieth, with letters by Phil Balsman, and colors by Alex Sinclair

What's it about? A werewolf. And a bunch odd weird kids. And disgruntled townsfolk, with pitchforks and torches. And an odd young girl as well. And, somehow, Batman.

This issue: We find out the sheriff is also a bit weird. Well, a lot weird. We get to see Scratch take a few odd forms, and Batman finally shows up.

Why you should be reading it: Well, this is another one I'm sticking with solely because it's Sam Keith. The narrative flow is all wrong, and I can't really grasp what the hell is going on. So, in essence, you probably shouldn't be reading this. However, it looks fucking gorgeous.

More later folks, apologies for the lack of updates. The bad weather headed this way is keeping me busy at work, I pulled a 12 hour shift today, so I haven't the energy for anything else. More tomorrow. I swear.


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