Friday, September 24, 2004

The Ususal Suspects

I won't bore anyone with another complete rundown of the regular books I've been buying the last few weeks, but here's a few quick thoughts on some of them:

Freaks of the Heartland #5

It still looks beautiful of course, and the plot is finally picking up a little steam. But, I'm pretty sure it's only a six issue mini, so that's a bit disappointing. Still, it's been a good read, and I can't wait to see how Niles wraps it up.

Wolverine: The End #5

This has justlost all its steam, it's taking forever to hit stands and by now I can't even remember what happened in the first issue, The art looks sloppy, and the plot doesn't make a ton of sense. Fortunately there's only one issue left. I'm gonna reread it as a whole once it's complete, maybe I'll think better of it and even review it.

Fantastic Four #518

Okay, I'm sold for the storyline, if only to see how Waid gets them out of the situation. Great dialogue, awesome art, and probably my favorite cover so far.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #11

Still not sold on Doom, though Ellis writes one hell of an FF team. His Doom feel's wrong to me, but I've heard some people love it. This is another one I'm with at least until the arc is over, which should be next issue.

Venom #18

I'm confused. This is a book I was loving, but honestly I'm confused right now. Here's hopin Way focuses more on Venom in the next issues and less on the confusing storyline.

X-Men: The End- Book One: Dreamers and Demons #3

I'm still liking this. Claremont's actually writing an enjoyable plot, even if I don't know who half these people are. He's got me hooked with bringing in Cable and Domino. Doesn't hurt that his one page of Cable is better than any version we've seen since David Tischman and Igor Kordey tackled him.

That's it for me folks, more tomorrow.