Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A Review and Links

Plenty o'stuff around the net to look at today.

First up, Alan's got a review of the two Superman Adventures trades (or mini-trades, whatever you wanna call 'em) written by Mark Millar. Check it out, over at the CBG, link's to the right.

Tony Whitt's new Comicscape column is up, and it's always worth a read through, just click on the link.

Tom has some thoughts on the Punisher film that all but echo my own feelings. So go give him a look.

Identity Disc #4 $2.99 (Marvel Comics)

Creative Team: Rob Eodi, John Higgins, with inks by Sandu Florea, colors by A. Crossley, and letters by Dave Sharpe

What's it about? A team of villians is blackmailed into obtaining the coveted Identity Disc from A.I.M. headquarters. Hijinks ensue as they don't get along and fumble the plan.

Why you should be reading it: Well, this issue was actually not half bad, but, like the Punisher, I think it may just be dulling my senses so that each issue seems less crappy. The plot is some parts Clue and some parts The Usual Suspects, and it's in no way as inventive as either of those, or as clever. Cliche's run rampant throughout, and while there are a few laughs to be had, other than Deadpool and the Vulture, all the characters seem to be misinterpreted. Were Rodi using lower tier villians (yes, these aren't the lowest villians in the MU, Stilt-Man anyone?) this might have been great. Instead we get treated to an odd little book where everything feels a bit off, and no one seems to be who they are. If that makes any sense. The art is serviceable at best. Other than the way Sabertooth is drawn I haven't had any major complaints, but it doesn't fit the mood of the story. Just one man's opinion though. At least we get to see who the hell was behind this next issue.


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