Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The 100 Coolest Things About Comics

In no particular order...

  1. Comic Book Galaxy-It's the greatest website ever, Nuff Said
  2. Alex Ross-The man paints one hell of a super hero
  3. Y, the Last Man-proof that comics need to exist
  4. Garth Ennis-my favorite writer in the universe
  5. Preacher-the greatest book ever
  6. X-Force #8-my first comic book
  7. Jim Starlin-the man rocks
  8. Comic Blogs-because there's always someone with something to say
  9. Jack Kirby-he's the King
  10. The Crow-both the movie and the comic are just beautifully touching, both changed my life
  11. Secret Identities-who doesn't want one?
  12. Darwyne Cooke-a man that somehow manages to capture everything that is great about comic book art with a single line
  13. Indy Comix-because they're the future of the comic book industry
  14. The Marvel Universe-God help me, I love it all
  15. WE3-Haunting
  16. The Death of Gwen Stacy-possibly the single greatest moment in Marvel's continuity. She's still dead folks.
  17. Comic Book Movies!- Yeah, even the bad ones like Tank Girl and Howard the Duck
  18. Grant Morrison & Frank Quitley-Because they are the new Lee & Kirby
  19. Alan Moore-Do you need a reason? He's Alan fucking Moore.
  20. Siegel & Shuster-Responsible, good or bad, for all that is currently comics
  21. Reviewing Them!-It's a lot of fun.
  22. Amalgam-I thought it was cool.
  23. Batman by Loeb & Sale-He's never looked better or felt more right
  24. The Castaways-It will change the way you look at the world
  25. The Maxx -So off the wall you have to love it
  26. Sam Keith-My favorite artist, EVER, and a damn good writer too
  27. Marvels-It's everything great about '60s Marvel comics
  28. The Fantastic Four by Waid and ‘Ringo-The best run on a Marvel book in quite a long time
  29. Freak Force-I loved this book
  30. Jonah Hex-Is there anything or anyone cooler than Jonah Hex?
  31. Ghost Rider-Yes, a motorcycle-riding demon with a flaming skull
  32. The Joker-You almost want him to beat Bats every time
  33. Kingdom Come-Because Marvels just wasn't enogh
  34. Quantum & Woody-It put the funny back in funny books
  35. Troublemakers-The New Mutants done right
  36. Steven Grant-Because he's friggin cool
  37. Dan Brerton-He paints the scariest stuff in the biz
  38. Ben Templesmith-Next to this guy
  39. The Romita’s-Hard to believe one family got so much talent, isn't it?
  40. Untold Tales of Spider-Man-It's all in the title
  41. Usagi Yojimbo-Because he's a samurai rabbit, and there are only two things cooler than that
  42. Crossovers and Team-Ups-One hero just isn't enough
  43. What If?-The possibilities are endless
  44. Elseworlds-Even better than the real thing
  45. Time Travel-They always seem to make it plausible
  46. Clones-Who doesn't want a clone?
  47. Adamantium-The greatest element ever
  48. The “S”-Has there ever been a more powerful icon?
  49. The Fliescher Superman Cartoons-The closest anyone's ever come to interpreting Siegel & Shuster's concept on screen
  50. The theme music to “Superman” (The movies of course)-The greatest theme ever
  51. Daredevil by Alex Maleev-No one has ever made him more intimidating
  52. Permanent Damage-See "Steve Grant"
  53. Will Eisner-The fatherof the graphic novel
  54. Howard Chaykin-Brilliant
  55. Cable/Soldier X by Tischman and Kordey-My favorite interpretation of my favorite character ever
  56. Doom!-The greatest villian of all time
  57. Bruce Timm & Paul Dini-Because they get it
  58. Watchmen-No comment
  59. Howard the Duck-He's a talking duck
  60. Ghost World- Dan Clowes is a genius
  61. Mad Love- See "Paul Dini & Bruce Timm"
  62. Midnight Nation-JMS proves that he really can write original, compelling stories in the comics world
  63. “First Issue!!!”
  64. Digging through bargain bins-It's like modern day treasure hunting
  65. The Rogue’s Gallery-When one villian isn't enoigh
  66. Adam West as Batman-Eat your heart out Capt. Kirk
  67. Deadpool-my second favorite comic character
  68. And that time he turned Rhino into a keychain-Because it was hilarious
  69. Mike Mignola-Provided the art in my very first comic book
  70. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, or hell, just Thanos-He killed off half of the entire universe!
  71. Aztek, The Ultimate Man-Whenever some idiot claims there just aren't any good superhero comics, I want to beat them to death with my complete run of this series. You had it! you had it and you fucking lost it!
  72. James Kochalka does The Incredible Hulk-The greatest Hulk story ever
  73. The Justice Friends-The Incraggible Cronk (I'm sure I spelled it wrong) kicks ass
  74. Steve Dillon-The man makes mean look cool
  75. Glen Fabry-His painted covers are among my all-time favorite images
  76. Lesbian Unicorns-Only in comics
  77. The Greatest Cover Ever-Yes, that's Venom holding Ghost Rider's head.
  78. Superman: Birthright-See my review
  79. Alan David Doane-Single handedly responsible for my continued love and enjoyment of comics. Though he may not want to admit it...
  80. Mr. Fixit-The Hulk as a gangster...Peter David's fucking brilliant
  81. Ben Reilly-The one true Spider-Man
  82. Professor X is Onslaught-Because it was a good idea
  83. Having a complete set
  84. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine-Not since James Dean has anyone looked so damn cool
  85. The Thing, wearing his “Bogey” gear-It almost makes you glad he's a big giant walking pile of rock
  86. Message Boards-I just can't help myself
  87. Secret Origins-See "Secret Identities"
  88. Loki drawn by Essad Ribic-The Norse God has never looked more intimidating
  89. Trencher-Does anyone besides me remeber this?
  90. Blaze of Glory & Apache Skies-Marvel Westerns rock
  91. Phil Noto-Beautiful
  92. Bishop: The Last X-Man-The greatest X-Men book ever
  93. Bullseye-Because he never misses
  94. DC: The New Frontier-No Comment
  95. Zero Girl-Ditto
  96. Giant robots-because they're giant robots
  97. Legion Lost-The greatest mini-series ever
  98. Nomad #1 (the regular series) and Hellstorm #1-Purchased together, and are the two best "concept covers" ever produced
  99. The Skrull Kill Krew-Just plain fun
  100. TMNT-It proves you can actually move forward without losing your audience

Despite my best efforts, this became a fanboy-ish list. Hopeyou enjoyed it, I might be linking some things in the next few days, we'll see.


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