Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Stupid, Stupid Day

I hate Valentine's day. Not because of the depressing nature of it, reminding everyone that they HAVE to be in a relationship, but because it's just stupid.

So, anyway, here's what you should be reading.

Mike has posted his 100 Things I Love About Comics list. Very cool. I'm still working on mine. I'm starting to think I don't love comics as much as I thought.

Dorian has a list of the Hottest Hunks in Comics. Gotta say, that's an eclectic list. I mean, most fanboys would find it weird by nature, but even given the title, I found it to be..odd. A blind, deaf, mute man could've guessed #1, though.

Damit, Gordon has a list too! And he plugs my contest! I really need to finish mine, don't want to be last!

Via The Comics Reporter, an article about Wolverine #25. Spoiler warning, and you may have to scroll a bit. Stupid Marvel.

A few of Johnny B's favorite things. AKA, his friggin list! Geez, I will be dead last on this one.

GAH! I missed Mike's link to all those other lists, a few of which I've mentioned. Check 'em out on his blog.

While I should be finishing at least one of several pieces for CBG I've been working on, I'm off to finish my damned list! Thank's a lot Mr. Sterling!


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