Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Chiklis' List

Butch and Sundance - The Early Days

Until a few weeks ago I didn't know this existed. It's got the Greatest American Hero in it.

The Commish - Season 2

For those who like their Chiklis candy-coated.

Cube Zero

Prequel goodness. Lucas could learn something here.

Edison - The Invention of the Movies (1891-1918)

It is what it says it is. It's expensive, but damn it's worth it.

Ellen - The Complete Season Two

Her talk show is funnier.

Get Shorty (Special Edition)

A Classic. Totally classic Travolta. (I hope someone gets that.)

I Heart Huckabees (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Sweet. Can't wait to see it.

The King of Queens - The Complete Third Season

Fat man and mean woman=funny show.

The Shield - The Complete Third Season

For those who like their Chiklis raw.

South Park - The Complete Fifth Season


Okay, links coming later.


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