Sunday, February 20, 2005

The State of Me

My hand's still kinda swollen, but not so much that it hurts to type now, and I seem to be less-sick as well, so what's say we get back in the swing of things?

Ok, I've seen this pop up on a few blogs as well as the TV lately, and I just don't get it. What's the fuss? Even Jimmy Kimmel thinks it's a big deal. Doesn't anyone remember Tiny Tunes? That was basically the same damn thing, just miniaturized versions of Bugs and company. Or, how about the more recent baby versions? At least Tiny Tunes and the upcoming Lunatics are just related to the characters. So, to everyone who thinks this is some sort of travesty, get over it, it's a company trying to market their product. You didn't bitch when it was called Tiny Tunes, you have no right to bitch now. Yeah, yeah, if they were the same characters I'd see your point, but he's called "Buzz Bunny" just like in Tiny Tunes he was called "Buster Bunny" they're just relatives, end of story, get off the high horse. (To anyone out there who thinks I'm talking to them, I'm probably not. Mainly, I'm talking about the press, who don't read this blog, so congrats, I wasted your time.)

Made a few purchases this weekend, among them Season 1 of The Greatest American Hero. I had hoped it wouldn't be horrible, and I watched the pilot and enjoyed it. I vaguely remember it from childhood, and I got it pretty cheap ($17), so it seems to have been worth it. Also, King of the Hill Season 3.

I also finished the final Futurama volume, and maybe it's because it is definitely the last, but I just couldn't enjoy it as much as the others. Bitter-sweet at best, and that final episode is a killer. The set does have the biggest tear-jerker of any show ever; the one about Fry's dog. If you've seen it, you know. Hard to watch all the way to the end. Screw Frasier, this was the smartest show ever on TV. It also features the "origins" of Fry falling into the freezer. Amazing stuff there, gotta love how they tied seemingly random info together to pull it out, and according to the commentrak it had been planned that way. And don't forget the Trek episode.

Heh, Aquaskull.

Why killing Northstar is a bad idea.

I have gotten some reading done in the last few days. I've been reading a book recommended to me by Alan Doane, Roger Ebert's The Great Movies. As big a movie buff as I like to think I am, Ebert puts me, and everyone else in the world, to shame, and this book shows what passion the man has for the art of cinema. It's not really reviews, but reflections written after viewing each film, discussing their importance and some of the possible meaning behind them. It's a worthwhile read for anyone who'sinto film, or, hell, even if you're not, it might just get you into it.

On the comics front I read X-Force #6, Cable & Deadpool #12. One was decent, one blew. Cable has died in both, in two different ways. What the hell? And Fabes works on both I have no idea what Cablesdeath in X-Force was about. But damn if it wasn't stupid. Looks like we're getting a Shatterstar mini next month. I'll buy it and tell you why you shouldn't. Why? Because I'm just that nice.

Also, I finished two!!!!!!! of my CBG projects, so just one to go and I'll be caught up. My pile of TPB's is giving me the evil eye. I've got some that have been in there since Thanksgiving.

Oh, and this weeks Smallville wasn't quite as sucky. Lois is growing on me, Chloe is bugging me, Krypto was friggin cool, and Lex kicks ass. That about covers it. In a few days I'll have another show back, The Shield. This makes me happy.

Also, reminder that my contest (see that little blurb at the top, yeah, that one) ends in eight days, and with only one entry (which is shabby given my hitcount this month so far) odds are pretty good that you might win. Whoever you are. For all those that have pimped it, much thanks, it's a shame it hasn't gone better.


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