Friday, February 11, 2005

More Than We Deserve

ADD has posted a little piece of art inspired by Fred Hembeck's recent "100 Swell Things About Comics"

Alan's "100 Things I Love About Comics" might be one of the coolest things ever seen on the 'net. It's certainly awe-inspiring, and makes me even more proud to be both a part of Comic Book Galaxy and a member of the "comics blogosphere." It proves that things like the Quesada/Bendis article and the Fraction/Casey article have almost no relevance, how can you cry foul on the blog community when one of it's most respected residents produces such a grand piece of art.

Bit of a warning, I could not get it to load on AOL, so I had to open it in Internet Explorer, and it's pretty big, so the load time could be awhile, depending on your internet.

I'd kill to see this thing as a poster.

Also, I've just seen that Mike's calling the rest of us out to follow suit. I'm not exactly good with posting images (I'm pretty sure I've never done it...), so mine might just be a list, but I'm going to consider it.


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