Friday, February 11, 2005

Is this a joke?

Found via Mike, this is Brian Bendis and Joe Quesada talking;

B- And we do sound like losers whining about people actually talking about us. Whah, wha, boo, hoo. But, you looking at any blogs?
Q- To this day I don’t even know what a blog is…
B- You should not go seeking these fifteen people out. It’s scary, scary stuff.
Q- I probably could have lived without that knowledge, but I’m happy for you.
B- Brubaker always sends me blog stuff. I beg him not to.


I sincerely hope these two idiots are not serious. I can see Quesada being wary of Blogs, the man is constantly being bashed in some way or another, but Bendis? He's in the same boat as Casey (youmay remember my rant about his and Matt Fraction's column a few weeks ago)! The people you're insulting are the people that have been championing you as one of comics best friggin' writers! Why? Because you want to feel as if you're above them?

Here's what it boils down to folks, before the internet, all we had were letter columns. A comics publisher got to CHOOSE what went in the letter column. They don't get that on the internet, and that fucking scares them. No one likes to read that they're stuff sucks, but you know what, be a man about it, don't whine like a little baby. That is one (more) thing that's wrong with comics today, once you get to the big leagues you think you're above criticism. You're not.

I write for Comic Book Galaxy, a respected site, my editor is Alan David Doane, a respected man, and sometimes he doesn't like my stuff, sometimes he offers me constructive criticism and points out where I went wrong. Do I fucking cry about it? NO. I look at it in a different light, consider his advice, and try again. That's the way it's done.

Yes, you shouldn't pay attention to the idiots trolling message boards saying "Bendis sucks hard!", but in that same light you should not solely be looking for posts that say "Bendis Rulz man!!!!", because neither of those people posting those things are criticizing you, they're making idiotic fanboyish statements declaring something without backing it up. But, if somone seriously reviews your material, finds it lacking and points to why it didn't entertain them, you NEED to read that. That's what makes you a better writer. In that same vein, if someone reviews your stuff and finds it really enjoyable, that's what should make you feel like you've accomplished something.

End rant.

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