Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Not much in the way of new DVD's this week, my wallet thanks me.

The Brak Show, Vol. 1

Not nearly as funny as some of the other Adult Swim shows, but it's still got some laughs, especially in the first season.

Charmed - The Complete First Season

I'm surprised this show never attracted the ire of Jerry Fallwell. Maybe he just goes after cartoons? I'm sure Tony Maselli is ashamed that his little tomboy became a witch though.

Cheers - The Complete Fourth Season

Where everybody knows your name! I wish there was something in the way of extras (like commentary) on these releases.

Frasier - The Complete Fourth Season

There are a few extras on the Frasier releases however. This is where I began to lose interest though.

The Grudge

Bleh. I can't stand SMG.

Mr. 3000 (Widescreen Edition)

And Fullscreen as well. Looks horrible, and I like sports films.

Penn & Teller -- Bullsh*t! The Complete Second Season

They debunk myths. That's pretty much it. I'm amused that they've turned a one-trick pony into a semi-successful career.

Ray (DVS Blind & Low Vision Enhanced Widescreen Edition)

It's available in multiple editions, but this one seems the most inventive.

Sealab 2021 - Season 2

WooooHoooo! Insanely funny, or bad acid trip? You decide!

Shall We Dance

What I said about Tim robbins goes double for his wife.

Taxi - The Complete Second Season

Thank you very much. (If you don't get that, I feel for you.)


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