Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Watch This Space!

Yeah, I really got nothing, and it's late, at least it was when I wrote this. Here's a slew of links for you to check out:

A new (to me) blog, Trash Heap, who has kindly linked to my contest, which has had a few more entries, making it four total. This ought to be fun. Anyway, check out this blog, good stuff, short and to the point, I'll add it to my sidebar at somepoint this week.

As for my contest (see entry rules at top of page!), it ends Monday folks, so if you want the books, better send in those entries. And if it stays at a measley four entries I'll try to find something for everyone so at least they don't feel as if they wasted their time. Maybe next time it should just be a random thing, no requirements?

New stuff up at my home away from blog (heh heh), Comic Book Galaxy, including my Vimanarama #1 review. also, Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, as well as ADD's 15 Ways to Make Comics Better at the CBG blog. While I'd love to post a list of my own ideas, it would do nothing but ape Alan's, so better that you just read his.

Good God look at all the reviews. Two of them are from one site, but hey, it's all good stuff. Here's a few more, and a new Comicscape column, complete with a Steve Niles interview. Now if only the columnist could figure out how the BOLD HTML works. As for the reviews, Strange Days looks interesting, and 303 is great, but what's with all the love for Runaways? Maybe I just don't get it, but if you've read my review of Vol. 1, you know I thought it was mediocre at best. Can someone clue me in? does it get better?

And everyone should go to Clandestine Critic and tell Dave (mind if I call you Dave?) that he absolutely must buy Y, the Last Man. Otherwise I may be forced to fly to the U.K. and beat him in the head with my collection of the floppies. It's the greatest comic on the stands man, get with it!!!!!

I kid, but it does kick uber-ass.

Tom the Dog has finally posted his "100 greatest" list, and it includes pics, so load time may vary. Great stuff.

I'll be spending $6 at the LCS this week, half on something that's sure to be great, half on something that's sure to be total crap. I'll leave you in suspense.

EDIT: Leave it to Dorian. He's taken the popular meme and turned it on its head. Good Job, and hilarious ta boot.


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