Thursday, February 10, 2005

Links & Thanks

First, the thanks, here's everyone that's linked to my blog contest so far:

Alan, Mike, Dorian, and Gordan.

Gordon's site is new to me, sad to say, but I'm adding it to the sidebar, there's some great stuff there.

Also, a clarification, I may have misrepresented what the contest is for, it's not for the Loki Hardcover, it's for the actual floppies, the single issues. I do plan on buying the HC eventually, but not for a while yet. So, apologies for any mix-ups about that, hopefully whoever wins will still enjoy the issues, as they are fantastic.

On to the links:

Marc Sobel, over at CBG, has some new reviews up, among them is Bluesman, which I'll be getting soon, thanks to Mike.

Mrs. Tegan has a massive post about the Emerald City Comicon. Looks like she's gettin lots of sketches, and hopefully permission to post them as well.

Capt. Corey, who's blog always makes me laugh, recently added me to his links, so thanks. For some of his humour, look here, here, and here. Funny, no?

High concept indeed. Also, reviews.

Via Fred Hembeck, 100 Swell things about comics.

Johnny B, that's an eerie picture.

Shane has some linkblogging of his own. Including news of an Invincible Hardcover. Dammit! Looks like I'll be giving away some Invincible trades eventually. Lucky you!

Tom talks Carnivale. I must see this show.

Ooooh! Don't forget the new Permanent Damage!

Also, don't forget to enter my Loki Contest!


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