Thursday, February 10, 2005

What happens when you die?

Well, if you live in Smallville, apparently the forget all about you. Yes, even your boyfriend doesn't remember that you died! The very next week he's out scouting colleges and fighting off superpowered bad guys, without a hint of depression or sadness! You'll be happy to know that your death was meaningless (not to mention illogical) and it will have absolutely no effect on those arround you!

Yes, I did just get through watching Smallville, why do you ask?

I don't sound bitter, do I?

And, hey, look, the writing has gotten even sloppier!

Chloe, someone who could hideout and pretend to be dead, not even telling her closest friends and family, slipped up at least three friggin' time about Clark's secret! She's a journalist people! Why are you writing her as if she were an imbecile?! The audience isn't stupid! We get it, she knows, she wants him to come clean, he won't, you don't have to spell it out repeatedly!

And now, thanks to a certain Mr. Someone, it irks me to no end that Clark is surprised by people walking up to his loft!


It pisses me off that I'd been praising this show recently, and after that hiatus it has just been down hill. I wasn't eager to see another adaption of the character (the new Superman film), but given the writing here has de-evolved (in only a few episodes) into what it started out as rather than progressed, I'm eagerly awaiting Bryan Singer's film. Too bad I'll be wating two years.

On the more positive side, Lex is a total bad ass. He's hands down my favorite TV character of all time. I hate that we won't get to see Michael Rosenbaum on the big screen as Lex.


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