Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The List- Brought to you in part by Loki

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Here's what hit DVD stores today:

Cape Fear (10th Anniversary Edition)

Only ten years? Funny, I just watched the Simpsons spoof with Sideshow Bob last week.


A movie starring people I love that I've never heard odd.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air - The Complete First Season

Now...why is this coming out?

Full House - The Complete First Season

I can't believe this has a demand and Family Matters doesn't. Or how about Step by Step? Or, even better, Perfect Strangers!

Highlander The Series - Season 6

Also available packaged with the first five sets. This ends the TV show I think...

Miami Vice - Season One

Because you can never have enough Crockett and Tubbs.

Murphy Brown - The Complete First Season

I used to like this show, now I find in juvenile.

Night Court - The Complete First Season

YES!!! YES!!! God loves me!

Punky Brewster:Season Two

This is surely Satan's work...

Raging Bull (Special Edition)

Robert DeNiro fight's a pissed off cow...right?

Shark Tale

Oh...that's why it's coming out! (By it, I mean Fresh Prince. Can you smell the sarcasm?)

That does it, I'll be back tomorrow with even more worthless crap!


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