Monday, February 07, 2005

A small update

I've managed to contract a cold and a virus (both myself and my computer, how's that for luck!) in the last 24 hrs, so updates may be more sporadic than normal over the next few days.

Quite a few visitors too, so to any newcomers, welcome, hope you find something to your liking.

Don't forget to enter my Loki contest...that I just started!

New review up at Comic Book Galaxy- The Walking Dead Vol. 1. It's a pretty small one, but one nonetheless.

I've already ordered Vol. 2 and I can't wait to read it. This series as well as Invincible surprised me at how much I enjoyed them. I know everyone keeps talking about them, but sometimes I disagree with the masses, even if I respect them.

Bought a few CDs today. Among them was a Nat Cole collection that pretty much had all of his biggest hits. I used to have a huge collection of oldies, Cole, Sinatra, Martin, Davis; a whold CD album full, until some idiot stole them out of my car. I'm sure he was sadly disappointed when he opened the book up. So, trying to work on rebuilding that. Just so's you know.

I also pickedup a Wilco album, this will be my first. I've liked most of what I've heard so far, some of the actual music feels a little weird and too experimental for me, but I'm not going to judge it until I've listened to it a few times over.

I don't talk about music enough.

Finished The Simpsons Season Five, and I'm really disappointed. Man, was Season Four the last good one? Or is it because Season Five was the big change over with the new writing staff? Theextras are fantastic though, the commentary tracks on the Simpsoons discs are my favorite things to listen too outside of the Futurama ones. It's not that they're really all that insightful, just that everyone seems to really get along and have a good time. Not many actors show up on these though, must have been during contract negotiations.

I finished the somewhat recent Human Torch series that Marvel put out and canceled with #12. I think it was part of that Tsunami line they had going. It started out really strong but halfway through the first arc it felt as if the scripts lost their way. The plots became cliche and contrived, there were four issues devoted to a man who had learned to shrink people...good idea, but four friggin' issues? The old days would have seen that story wrapped up in 15 pages. I dig them out of a fifty cent bin, and they were worth that at least, I feel for those who payed full price. If you find em cheap give the first story line a go, it's the best of the bunch.

I picked up the next Maxx TPB at my LCS this week. no chance to read it yet. I'm debating a possible review of the series once it wraps up (in trade format), but I have no idea how many volumes that would be...

Big thanks to Dorian for giving my contest a shout out on his blog. So, yeah, get those entries in!!!! Maybe I'll review it so people will see what they're missing.


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