Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rotting Your Brains

There are many shows that will make your IQ drop by just watching them, CMT has decided to give me a weekend full of one such show, The Dukes of Hazzard. For some reason I was compelled to keep watching. I don't know why. No, it's not the worst show ever, but it certainly was a dumb show. However, Catherine Bach was hot, wasn't she? She at least gave weight to that whole "sleeping with your cousin" thing the South gets saddled with.

Even more disturbing than that little tidbit, has anyone else besides me seen that Darius Rucker Burger King commercial? My God, it's the scariest thing I've ever seen. However, that is one tasty damn snadwich.

Speaking of commercials: Best Car EVER!

If my car could do that I'd definitely be going to my high school reunion.

I'm not sure everyone's an Adult Swim fan, but Seth Green has a new show called Robot Chicken, airing between episodes of Family Guy (good way to get people to tune in, they should do that more often). I remember hearing about it over a year ago, and forgot all about it. It's a geek's wet dream. Seth and company do short little sketches with action figures and models (by that I mean, like, claymation, not hot chicks), and anything else they can come up with. Tonights episode featured Voltron in a "You Got Served" parody. Genius. It's like sketch comedy starring your toys.

Tom the Dog is liveblogging the Oscars, minute by minute (well, not exactly). It's eerie and compelling. Go, read.

I watched Shark Tale recently. Don't waste your time. Dreamworks animation was 0-2 this past year year with me, Shrek 2 was a major disappointment too. Also viewed recently: The Bourne Supremacy. Not bad, I think it was better than the first. The action was almost non-stop, and well done.

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And, I registered for today, maybe that'll get me a few more hits, which reminds me, a record month here at the blog, almost 800 hits. To all those who contributed, linked, or stumbled upon thislittle blog, thank you!

- L

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