Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong....

Okay, seeing as I now think of one of its creators as a bit of an ass, I'm debating on picking up The Intimates at my LCS this week. It's always been a problem for me,and is a big reason why I try my best not to follow anyone outside of their chosen profession, I tend to disagree almost always. Prime example, Tim Robbins. As a younger man I thought he was quite brilliant, even if his choices of roles was a bit odd. But, I generally likedhim in everything he did. Then I saw an idiotic interview with both him and his wife where they went on at length about their extremely bizarre political views. After that I could barely stand to see the man anywhere,let alone a movie. I just couldn't sustain that suspension of disbelief anymore. All I could see was a man who says that he fears for his children because the governement is going to kill them, or somethinglike that. Don't get me wrong, I'mnot on either Wing when it comes to politics, I just can't stand extremists, Right or Left. And from an actor no less, someone who gets paid to be a good liar. I'm against actors in politics, always have been. If you wanna be a politician, be one, don't become an actor.

I'm getting off base...point being is that I haven't made up my mind. I think I'll still pick it up, but I'm less likely to give it any leeway, if I get bored, it's dropped immediately. I've already dropped Bloodsucker Tales, in which a Matt Fraction story was appearing, it was well before this little thing happened though.

Outside of that, I'm trying to get things back to normal. All that bad weather got declared an ice storm, and rightly so, it left about 5,000 people without power as of Sunday night, a number that's decreased by now I'm sure, but maybe only by half. Any of you Florida and Alabama folk that are working here to help those in need, thanks on all of our behalf. I'm one of the fortunate who didn't have to wait long.

A friend also said something that weighed on my conscience. My power goes out for a day and i'm fuming that I cannot cook/read/get on line/watch TV/DVD's etc., etc. Yet, I never think about the 2,000+ (that's an estimate, one I think is inaccurate, but maybe not) homeless in the area, no one does, not around here anyway. It's freezing outside and I'm writing this from the comfort of my own heated room. I do need to learn to appreciate what I have.

In other local news, no matter if you care or not, I've also recently changed my mind about businesses outsourcing labor. I used to be pretty on the fence about it, saying that i see both sides. It seems a local factory, Char-Broil, is now taking its manufacturing overseas for cheaper labor. Seeing how it really affects people close to you has rapidly turned my head on that little debate.

Hope you weren't expecting something more interesting, because you're probably disappointed right about now.


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