Monday, August 08, 2005

Blog on the Run

This is my first blog post from somewhere other than my home computer, and I have to say this is sweet. I got a Gateway laptop, my home comp is a Gateway and I've loved it and had zero problems that weren't caused by me, so I have high hopes for this little laptop. The screen is fabulous, etter than my TV, the DVD player is awesome, it's got a 14' widescreen monitor and it jjust looks great. I've got a 60 gig HD on this baby which will allow for a good bit of mp3 storage, and I'm going to transfer all my stuff to this so I'll be able to write easily, unfortunately it only came with some trial programs so I'll have to install a few things. I've also got a few reviews to finish up for CBG, so I've got plenty to work on.


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