Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The List from God

The Blues Brothers - 25th Anniversary Edition

This is playing in Atlanta this weekend, I'd love to go see it. They're broadcasting live interviews via satellite.

Clueless - "Whatever!" Edition

Boy, Brittney Murphy has come far.

Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Complete Fourth Season

How often can one man get himself into impossible situations? Well, for four seasons at least.

Fire and Ice (2-Disc Limited Edition)

Bakshi & Frazetta, I'll have to check this out.

Garfield and Friends, Volume Four

I wish I'd been buying these, it's one of the best 'toons ever.

His Girl Friday

Good movie, buy it.

House, M.D. - Season One

Something else to add to the Netflix queue

Married With Children - The Complete 4th Season

Ashame they had to change the music.

The Mind of the Married Man - The Complete First Season

From the guy who brought us The Upsode of Anger...I think.



Nip/Tuck - The Complete Second Season

I've got season 1, still haven't watched it yet.

Roseanne - The Complete First Season

Even fans should avoid, it has syndicated versions of some episodes.

Sahara (Widescreen Edition)

My sister will be happy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ways of the Warrior #3.4

Featuring episodes not yet aired on TV.

Tommy Boy - Holy Schnike Edition

One of the funniest movies ever, I'll be buying this soon enough.


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