Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fanboy Instincts

It's weird. I have damn near 1000 DVDs, and I'm constantly loaning them out. When I did read books on a regular basis, I never kept them, I always gave them to anyone who wanted them. But, when it comes to my fanboy obsessions involving comics and such, my first instinct is to horde. I can't stand it when people want to play with my massive toy collection, it drives me nuts, but, you wanna borrow that $40 DVD set? Sure go ahead! I hate it when people move around my long boxes, but hey, here's a novel I just finished reading, feel free to bend the cover back!

I just gave away a crapload of my comics to both help out someone with a financial need (he'll remain nameless, and hopefully he can sell em off for some cash) and for his kids to read, which is the best cause in the world I think. My brain keeps screaming at me "You idiot, those things will be worth a fortune one day!" But it's wrong.

There's NEVER going to be another golden age or silver age of comics. You know why? Cuz we want there to be. We want all those boxes of full of worthless floppy books to suddenly skyrocket, and they never will. First, the reason those old books are worth money is because there aren't any of them around; they all got pulped in the war. Second, no one really cares about any of these new characters, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, those were originals, who's going to rememeber Spawn forty years from now? I know I won't.

So, yeah, it feels good to unload books that will never do anything for me but collect dust, it's good to know someone will get some use out of them, cuz unless cars start running on comics, they weren't doing me any good.

Besides, I'm a Marvel fanboy...most of em were DC books. Like I need Superman stickin' his nose up at all my X-Men comics all the time. Stupid blue boyscout...


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