Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I Owned the First Radio in Springfield

It's true, I swear.

Hey Rog, how ya like my new slogan? Heh.

So, is the hiatus over?

I suppose, though I doubt my updates will be daily right now, but ya never know.

Got a ton of comics to read but I just haven't had the desire. Among them The Tale of One Bad Rat, Cerebus Vol. 1 and Human Target

Recently added movies: Quest for Camelot, Sin City, Trapped in Paradise.

TV Shows: Simpsons Season 6. Been watching the Muppet Show season 1 a lot lately too.

ADD has started a new blog, Kolchalkaholic, check it out, coming soon to my sidebar! It's good stuff.

I've been thinking of copying someone else's idea lately, namely Dave over at Long Box. Only instead of comics it would be DVDs. It would be a project I'd never finish in my lifetime, but it's one I'm considering at the moment. I certanly own enough good and awful movies to make it interesting.

I killed at Halo 2 last night, but I wasn't playing with anyone that was really good. I really suck at hand to hand, and the pistols in H2 aren't nearly as deadly as in Halo. It kinda pisses me off, plus you can't zoom in with 'em.

Coming later: links a plenty!


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