Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just When I Think I'm out...

Leave it to Mr. Doane to drag me kicking and screaming (not really...) back to my blogging duties. He memed me, but it's a good meme, and life is lookin' pretty good right now, so I'll accept the challange.

1. Ten years ago: Jeez, in August, I dunno, dreading starting another year of high school, probably contemplating suicide and listening to Guns N Roses.

2. Five years ago: Happily working for former boss/good friend Alan Daffin. Not making great wages, but it was enough, I was writing alot more too. Man we had some great fucking ideas.

3. One year ago: Probably dreading going to my cureent job of three years. It's good money, but it's just a pain in the ass. I hate real jobs, I was born to be a writer.

4. Yesterday: Had $300 worth of work done to my car, reversing one of those credit cards I paid off back to "almost maxed out status" and dragging my laptop up to Best Buy because they sold me a dud. Both are working great now.

5. Today: Bought Simpsons Season 6 and Sin City with money I don't really have, had an FM modulator (I think thats what its called) installed in my car for my MP3 player, worked, almost cried because gas is so high (do me a favor, always tip your delivery driver -and waitress- no matter what you order, pizza, chinese, whatever, even if it's not food, if he uses his own car odds are pretty damn good he buys his own gas and provides his own mantinence, that shit isn't cheap, tip well, tip often, it'll come back to you one day), and ended up having a decent night at work, about to play some Halo on XBC, anyone else play?

6. Tomorrow: More working, maybe some Simpsons watching.

7. Five snacks I enjoy: Only five? Jeeze, ice cream, chips and dip, those oats n yogurt bars, cereal, and ummm....I dunno, pudding.

8. Five bands I know the lyrics to most of their songs: Guns N Roses, I'd say about 95%; Counting Crows, I'd say about 65%, Eminem, about 80% maybe; Bubba Sparxxx, maybe 75%, John Oszajca, 95%. I cheated the last three aren't bands, I know.

9. Five things you would do with $100,000,000: Jeez, thassa lotta dough. Alan had some good ideas. I'd never work again, thats for sure. I'd buy an island and invite all my friends to live there, that'd be like ten people. I'd have blogger conventions. That'd be sweet. I'd do something worthwhile, like adopt as many kids as possible. I'd take music lessons, maybe start my own publishing company. That's more than five, but fuck it. I'd do a lot. First though, I'd pay off my debt and buy a new car. I'd buy the business I work for and give everyone a raise, and let them wear buttons that say "Gas isn't free you know?" and everytime someone didn't tip, they'd be banned from ever ordering again.

10. Five locations I'd like to runaway to: Maine, somewhere in Canada, Norway maybe, Australia or maybe New Zealand.

11. Five bad habits: I curse like a fucking sailor. I can't have kids, their first words would be "Fuck that!" I spend money I don't have because I'm obsessive. I'm mean as all hell to people I like, I procrastinate (is that spelled write...hahahaha) because I'm lazy and I scratch the inside of my right ear with a q-tip every day, which means I'll likely be deaf in that ear inside of a decade.

12. Five things I like doing: Reading comics, writing about comics, watching movies/DVDs, listening to music, and what the hell, eating. You thought I was gonna say having sex didn't you? Oh wait, I'm a blogger, I forgot we don't get laid dammit.

13. Five TV shows I like: Currently? Scrubs, Futurama, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans, Arrested Development, The Shield

14. Famous people I'd like to meet living or dead: Haha, Rob Liefeld, Stephen King, Wes Anderson, James Dean, and Axl Rose. They are my idols. Now, if you'd said infamous (HAHA!), easy: Alan Doane, Johnny B, Mike Sterling, Dorian, and Patch Drury. Actually Patch has been in a movie with his ex-wife, which is kinda cool, ADD has been portrayed in a comic panel, Mike and Dorian are like the king and...king of the comics blogosphere, and Johnny B...well...I'm sure he's famous for something...see, a bloggers convention, we needs it!

15. Biggest Joys at the moment: Hmmm....that I haven't completely sabotaged my life at 26, does that count? My DVD collection brings me the same hollow joy my comic collection does...same with my toys. I'm in love with my laptop.

16. Favorite toys: Oh jeez...my laptop, my comp, DVD player, sound system, mp3 player, my 20th Ann. Optimus Prime (hehehe) my Xbox, my Gamecube, the list could go on forever.

17. Five people to tag: Eh, I'm a lazy bastard, so no thanks.


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