Thursday, August 18, 2005

Them's the Links

In my time off the one thing I regretted not doing was linking to some good stories/blogs I otherwise would have. So, to rectify that, here's some place you should be visiting:

The Galaxy has tons of content to check out, most recently Jog reviewing Mineshaft #15 and the always fabulous Rob Vollmar's International Geographic column.

It's Thursday, which means yesterday we got a new Permanent Damage...huh? No new Permanent Damage? OH MY GOD!!!! The world is ending!

*sigh* Well, here's last weeks that I didn't link to, check it out!

Hey look, Laura's got links too!

I never got to give a big giant House of the Ded Welcome Back!!!!!! greeting to pal and fellow blogger-across-the-pond, Dave! His Clandestine Critic was a siite I discovered through a contest I held a while back and I have to say seeing him posting again is wonderful. So, welcome back Dave, we missed you man! There's too many of us blogging about funnybooks from the U.S., we need that British wit to balance it all out!

Has everyone been reading The Comics Reporter? Well, why the hell not? If you're a Hard Time fan (or convert like me), this story should both interest and depress you.

Dave reviews New Mutants Annual #3. I have this...I have every issue of New Mutants, but you probably could have guessed that, no. It's a good book, goofy, stupid, mind-numbing entertainment.

Via FredSez, the always hialrious Mr. Hembeck interviews the star of the greatest comic book series EVER. That's right, Fred Hembeck and Jesse Custer in the same panel. Folks, comics do indeed kick ass.

What the-? Darkseid with a fro? Hell yeah!

Well, that about covers it. Maybe I'll actually talk comics later!


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