Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Few Short Things

Didn't get the car, he got offered more money, oh well. I took the money I had for it and paid off two credit cards and had enough to buy a laptop, which I've been wanting FOREVER.It'll be nice to have a portable comp, I'll be able to do some blogging/reviewing on the go now, whixh is pretty much the sole reason I want, plus I've begun to hate my PC, sitting behind this screeen, hunched over in my chair, cut off from everything else, it just sucks most of the time. Now I can find a comft chair in the house, plop down and write! Not to mention the benefit of having at least one machine with a new Windows program, cuz 98 don't support much of anything anymore.

I might be selling my iPod too, I got offered $150, which means a $20 profit. Not sure if I want to invest in another mp3 player or not (those Dell Jukeboxes look sweet, my bro got one). I've also got a portable DVD player I might be getting rid of, in fact, I need to get rid of a few DVD players (counting my comp and video game systems, the new laptop, and the portable, I have like's insane. I used to have three TVs in my bedroom...yeah, I know).

Lastly, there's a new Son Volt album out.


THERE'S A NEW SON VOLT ALBUM OUT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yes, and oh my God does it rock. It's so, so nice to have some new stuff by these guys, everyone who's involved in the Mixed Bag CD project can expect a song or two off it in the future, but I urge every damn person out there, go buy it, it's called Okemah and the Melody of Riot, it friggin rules, so go buy it now!!!!

It's one of those newfangled dual discs too, I'm not too keen on having a disc that I can't touch either side, but having the music remixed for enhanced stereo, man it sounds awesome!



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