Monday, August 22, 2005

Ded's Guide to the Galaxy

Lots of stuff up over the last few days at my home away from home, including my newest Loose Staples column. Fair warning, it's definitely not my best work, comics have been a little dry around these parts lately, but I'm extremely happy with my little opening diatribe, especially since ADD singled it out on his own blog. Much thanks for the kind words boss, and I'll be honest and say that A LOT of the books I've left unread in the last year or so have remained that way simply because I want to be able to really enjoy them. I don't want my first reading of Cerebus to be constantly interrupted by whatever crap I have going on in my life at the moment, my first reading of Less Than Heroes shouldn't be something to rush through, it should be something I can really soak in, but some of em are just because I'm lazy!

Also up is the infinitely better Crack Shots by Marc Sobel. Marc is on the fast track to becoming my favorite (or one of at least...) reviewer. He always seems to find some really interesting books to read. One of these days I'm just gonna send him $100 and tell him to buy me a copy of everything he buys until he runs out of my money (Not a bad experiment actually...).

Also high on the faves list (or maybe just high...), Ian Brill reviews Rocketo #1 today. I was disappointed by my initial outing with Speakeasy Comics (Beowulf to be specific), but with fav capes book Helios jumping on board there and Ian's hearty recommendation of Rocketo, I'll have to re-think them altogether. Plus, Chris Allen is writing at least one book for them, so I'd be diving into their waters again eventually, but it looks to be sooner rather than later.

Speaking of Chris, his latest Breakdowns is a must-read. By must-read I mean read it or I will come to your house and beat you to death with your monitor. And don't forget Johnny B's Last Call. JB has been downright silent on his blog lately, but I'm sure it's because he's got better things to do than entertain me (like, say, watch The Tick!).

I've got some comics to review, I'm sure CH is wondering if I'm ever going to get around to finishing the ones I've been promising. I plan to do just that this week. On tap is Grounded #1, Bone Vol. 2, A History of Violence, and maybe, just maybe something else. For the folks reading this here blog, I just finished off a good series called Pulp Fantastic, so look for something about that coming up later in the day. Or if I get lazier, tomorrow.


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