Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting the Links Out

Here's a nice piece over at ADD's Kolchalkaholic blog. I love the last little bit.

Plan on buying the Identity Crisis Hardcover? Why not get a Green Arrow book for free too?

Boob War Week might be the best idea ever. See, that's why Dave gets all the ladies, he's brilliant.

Happy birthday and blog-iversary to Ed Cunard!

New Permanent Damage! Yay!

This is just friggin' hilarious.

So is this.

Roger reviews my Mixed Bag disc. I had planned on reviewing all of them...but I haven't had the energy. I did enjoy all of em though.

Best Simpsons ever? I couldn't even begin to decide, but Lemon of Troy is up there.

Tom didn't like Prison Break either. Glad I'm not the only one.

News about a few idiots coming to DVD. I can't wait.

Coming soon the my sidebar:

The Brick

The Life and Times of Sticky and Obtuse

Condemned by the Space Pope

Humanity Critic

Check 'em out!



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