Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hey Kids, Comics!

Great haul at the LCS this week, I picked up A History of Violence and hope to get into it this weekend, maybe I'll get a review in at the Galaxy on it, if not I'll discuss it briefly here. New issues of Y, the Last Man (#36, I credited #35 as being the wrong issues last time, I'll have to go back and fix that), Tales of the TMNT (#13), and a cool little introductory issue of PVP (numbered as a zero issue). All those will be reviewed in the next Loose Staples, which will hopefilly show up on Monday at CBG.

The Intimates #10

I talked about issue #9 in the last Loose Staples, I commented on Guiseppe's art being noticibly absent and how that might not bode well for the book's future, this issue goes a long way in proving that. Iwahashi's pencils are so confusing and distracting here that not only did I have no clue what was happening IN the panels, it made Casey's dialogue completely unenjoyable. I have no clue how this book, inside of a few months has gotten this bad. It's conpletely unintelligible if you haven't read the last two issues and Casey uses the "scrolling text" (which is usually for relaying aside info about the cast and distrubuting "tips" to teens) to wax poetic about summers as a kid. It's not the worst thing I've ever read, it's just that the quality has slipped so much in such a short time. The next ish sees the kids return to school, and I can only hope it marks the return of this books greatness. C+

So, here's the part where I lied. That's all the comics talk I've got. I got discs 1&2 of Firefly in from Netflix and watched the first one last night. What the hell is wrong with me? Why wasn't I watching this? This show freakin' rocks! So, yeah, I'm gonna go pop in disc 2, maybe read a few more comics and get the next Loose Staples finished!


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