Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Layered List

Adam-12 - Season One
Emergency - Season One

A pair of Jack Webb drama series, no interest on my part, but they're there for those that are.

Alf - Season Two

No go, the fact that they screwed up the first season means they won't begetting any cash from me.

Billy Madison (Special Edition)
Happy Gilmore (Special Edition)

A pair of juvenile Sandler flix. I love Happy Gilmore though.

Boy Meets World - The Complete Third Season

I've begun to really like this show in syndication, it's silly for sure, but it's pretty good.

Futurama - Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection

YAY! I have the sets, but new intros and a commentrak with an animatic ensures my money.

Gladiator (Extended Edition)

This actually has lots of new features on it so it will be worth buying for fans.

Good Times - The Complete Fifth Season

All these shows remind me of Family Guy now, with all it's referencing.

Kung Fu - The Complete Third Season

Once again, the white man doing something better. What's up with all that?

Layer Cake (Widescreen Edition)

I want to see this.

Life As We Know It - The Complete Series

I've heard good things about this, maybe I'll rent it.

New Jack City (Two-Disc Special Edition)


The O.C. - The Complete Second Season

California, here we come. 90210 for the new generation.

Pair of Lewis Black Shorts

Lewis Black rules all.

The Ring Two (Unrated Edition)

Doubly pass.

Swamp Thing

I'm sure Mike is happy.

That's My Mama - The Complete First Season
That's My Mama - The Complete Second Season

More shows referenced by Family Guy. Never seen it.

The Transporter (Special Delivery Edition)

HA! This movie is pure crap, even for a "turn your brain off" flik.

The Truman Show (Special Edition)

All right!

What's Happening - The Complete Third Season

No comments, never really watched it.

Witness (Special Collector's Edition)

Wow, it's been a while hasnt it?


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