Friday, August 26, 2005

Someday the Mountain Might Get 'em but the Law Never Will

Finished off Disc 3 of Firefly last night. Man what a show. As much as I couldn't get into Whedon's Buffy, he really had something special with Firefly. Combining Old West sensibility and gunplay with futuristic sci-fi and special effects. One of the cooler little things about the show is the lack of sound when the wide shots show the ship in spcae, one of the few (if only) shows to do that. Cuz, you know, there would be know sound in space. Pluse, it's got a great soundtrack for the episodes, I'd love to have that music on CD.

Disc 4 is on its way to me, looking forward to see how Whedon wrapped it up, and eagerly anticipating the movie.

Finished off Season 6 of the Simpsons. I hate the new packaging, so I think I'm gonna order the replacement box for it. It's just too flimsy. Season 6 was "Who Shor Mr. Burns?" for the finale, I'd forgotten that, alonmg with a number of solid episodes, but I just can't really get into the parody episodes that much, thankfully there are fewer here than in season 5. My fave out of the whole season has to be And Maggie Makes Three", it's funny and sentimental, something the show does better than almost any other. Lemon of Troy is a close second though, and is up their among my all time favs.

Watching Soap Season 2 off and on right now as well as occasionally popping in my Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 set. Soap kind went downhill after Season 2, but I'll probably buy the other sets just to have em. At least Season 3 still has Benson. I've also begun to realize that some of the Simpsons stuff is really influenced by this show. Not a lot, but some. Did any other show use opening title gags before this? And you can all laugh at me for having the Dukes set, I don't care, it's a big, stupid, fun country hick show, I love it.

Anyone on Netflix who wants to add me to their buddy list, feel free to send me an invite, Johnny B did earlier today, it's kinda cool.

Off to work with me, and maybe I'll watch The Station Agent tonight.

Oh, and the DVD I sent ADD was Lemony Snicket (didn't wanna spoil it for him!), which I'll probably talk about tomorrow.


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