Monday, October 10, 2005

Blame it on the Ref's


I didn't see a lot of the Braves (expected, by me at least) meltdown agains Houston, but from what I did see it's possible that a few bad calls led them to fall apart. It's not much of an excuse, I'm sure they'd have fallen apart anyway, now they just have a reason to point fingers, you know?

But, that's not the real travesty. The one thing that made me want to climb into my TV today and strangle the living hell out of anyone dressed like a zebra came during the Falcons heartbreaking loss to the "Who are we?" New Englad Patriot's. Fuck the whistle, we had the first down, they blew it and I think it cost us the game. They made a valiant attempt at a comeback, and it was one hell of a game, but in the end, their stupid fucking kicker and our inability to stop the run when we needed to cost us. That and those two dropped passes in the first quarter. Those two idiots would be running laps for days while Scuab threw the ball at their friggin heads if I was in charge. BUT! Schuab looked pretty good, so good that by the 4th quarter I wanted him to be our starter and for Vick to suit up as a reciever/running back.

Good effort by most of the team today, but the D couldn't stop them when the game was on the line and the offense didn't click for all four quarters, but when they did they looked great. Still, I say it's the Ref's that cost us the damn game, and those jackasses should never be allowed to work again.


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