Wednesday, October 12, 2005

El Linkos

New stuff up at the greatest website ever, be sure and especially check out International Georgraphic and Make-Believe War.

The Smurfs got bombed.

A snake ate an alligator.

What if Infinite Crisis happened in the Indy Comics?

Lefty is a fanboy. I'm proud of him. Fanboys unite!

Dave (from across the pond) talks Firearm. I've never read it, I may have to fix that.

The Spurg is giving away mini-comics.

The Burn is Back!

Skeletons & Pumpkins. The Long Halloween cover is my fave.

Hey, Permanent Damage.

Dorian deconstructs Watchmen. Brilliant.

A little something for Laura. I'm sure she's seen it already though. Mignola kicks ass.


Plenty of DVD news. Adventures of Superman Season 2, Lois & Clars Season 2, and TMNT Vol 3 (the first 'toon, not the new one).


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