Friday, October 21, 2005

The End is Here

So, two books I've enjoyed over the last year have come to an end. And another is just beginning.

303 #6

This excellent Ennis mini sees its inevitable end (it was a miniseries, so I knew it was coming) with a bullet. A few bullets actually. Not the best work he's ever done but pretty enjoyable. Jacen Burrows art was wonderful. And I'm shocked to no end that they actually got away with the ending. They don't name names, but the intent is obvious, so it surprised me. Definitely not a book for staunch political types I think, especially Republicans.A-

The Intimates #12

The art was so-so for this last issue, done by ale Garza. It fely heavy handed and Casey's pity-party definitely got to be too much by the end. I love the end, I love how nothing is ever solved. In fact he brings up more questions. It's been a good run, was a great one up until the fill-ins started. I'd have liked to see Camuncoli step back in and do this last issue, or at least a really great groups photo cover. Still a good end to a good book, despite the incessant whining of its writer.B

Justice #2

Loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. After reading Infinite Crisis #1 and having no clue what the hell was happening I enjpyed being able to read a book with iconic characters doing iconic things and having to know nothing of their backstory. The Batman/Riddler fight was great, especially for painted art, which can make action feel too captured. This is shaping up to be a great ride, can't wait for #3. A

Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street

The first collection of the Ellis/Robertson sci-fi/journalism book. I've never been a huge Ellis fan, but I did enjoy this. Very bizaare stuff, a good mix of plenty of sci-fi tropes with a bit of gonzo-journalist stereotype thrown in. In anyone elses hands it might stink, but Ellis pulls it off. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series. A-

Super-Crazy TNT Blast #1

A bunch of superheroes die, the world goes to hell, the rest of the heroes work underground to try and fix it. I like the idea, but the execution was only so-so. It was a tad confusing at times, what with the flashbacks to start the book off (it says "one year ago" then "two years ago" then "present day"....the out-of-order flop made it difficult to grasp at first). The art is okay, a bit cartoony for the dark nature of the book, but not awful. It's definitely got potential and I may check out a second issue. C+

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