Wednesday, October 05, 2005

You Want Links? I'll Give Ya Links!


New stuff up at the Galaxy, including my latest Loose Staples, my review of Salamander Dream, Crack Shots (Which also talks about Salamander Dream. Damn you Marc Sobel for stealing my thunder!), and the always brilliant Rob Vollmar's International Geographic, in which he discusses Anime soundtracks. And damn him for not bringing up Cowboy Bebop. Do make sure you check out the main page for an extra special treat though.

If you haven't done so, sign this damn petition. Why? Because the world needs more Kochalka music, and you have absolutely nothing better to do! You may think you do, but trust me, there IS nothing better! While we're talking Kochalka, check out Kochalkaholic, the only way it could be cooler is if it were actually written in chalk.

I must see this movie.

I find it infinitely humourous that the comic that brought Dave-o into Geekville would eventually spawn the comic responsible for my entry into said -ville. It's like destiny or something.

The Long Box presents: I Bought it for a Quarter Week. First up, SuperPro, the lamest comic ever. Even lamer than Captain Planet, which I'm ashamed to say I know the theme song to.

Just so you know, I kick major ass.

Awww, Nipsey Russel died. Damn.

My favorite musician now has a blog. And he answered two of my questions. His long-awaited (by me at least) second Album will be out by years end.

New Comicscape is up. Looks like I'll be getting nothing at the LCS this week, but i'll stop by just the same.

Flash DVD news. Cool.

All you TVDVD fans should take not that Target has a boatload of 'em on sale right now for $18- Smallville Season 1&2, Wonder Woman Season 1&2, Lois & Clark Season 1, One Tree Hill Season 1, The Waltons Season 1, Friends Season 1&2, ER Season 1&2, Without a Trace Season 1, Everybody Loves Raymond Season 1&2, Gilmore Girls Season 1&2, Full House Season 1, Fresh Prince Season 1 and more. I got the geek stuff naturally.

Sidenote: Anyone have any idea where The Brick went? The link is dead now, and I didn't see any final post. Also, my link to Augie isn't working, I'll have to figure that out as well.


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