Sunday, October 02, 2005

Yeah, I Know

I never got to those links, but you'll get over it.

I bought Firefly, because, well, I want to be able to watch it...forever and ever. I doubt I'll get to see Serenity this weekend, but don't let that stop you. I have been re-watching the episodes to get myself even more excited about it though, even got a few more people hooked on it.

So, here's a Firefly story. If you have the DVDs you probably already know this, but if you don't, well, enjoy:

In the episode" Out of Gas", the ship malfunctions, cutting off the crew's oxygen supply. Being the noble man that he is, Capt. Mal sends everone else out on the ships two shuttle so that they have a better chance of surviving while he waits on board for help via a distress becon. When and if that "miracle" comes, Wash tells him he just needs to press a red button in the cockpit to call the shuttles back. That help comes eventually, with the part Mal needs to fix the ship's engine, but the guys with the part are less than accomodating, they shoot Mal in a plan to hijack the ship, only Mal gets the better of em, even while shot, and they leave. Now, in a state of near death Mal must fix the ship and call the shuttle back. Well, you know there's a movie, and everyone's in it, so there's nothing to spoil here really, but I won't tell you any more. It's probably my second favorite episode of the series, extremely well shot and brilliantly written. But, that's beside the point.

After the last episode they filmed ("The Message") Alan Tudyk, who plays the pilot Wash, stole the button. Not an uncommon thing to do after a project is done, and it even appears and reappears in the episode because they ended up having to do some pick-up shots after filming was complete.

Then, as Joss Whedon frantically tried to find a second life for the show, Alan Tudyk gave him the button with the message "When your miracle comes, all you have to do is press this red button."

So, yeah, go see this movie, it will fucking rock, I swear.


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