Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn

So, I was in the mood wor something Halloween-y and decided to watch a film called Hotel. It's got a great cast, but it turns out it's worse than The Blair Witch Project. Seriously.

Here's the IMBD page. Just look at that cast. How could somone put together such a great cast, someone who made a film as highly praised as Leaving Las Vegas, and have it turn into a total clusterfuck. The plot is jagged at best and unfollowable (is that a word?) at its worst. When three kids running around the woods with their mom's video camera make a better movie than you, it's time to hang it up. I see he's also gon on to direct the also awful Cold Creek Manor, so it really should be no surprise that he made a movie like this. But, at least Manor had a plot you could follow.

New stuff up at the Galaxy, including a review of Long Hot Summer by yours truly. Not-the-new-guy-anymore, Derik looks at 99Ways to Tell a Story. Over at Kochalkaholic ADD salutes seven years of the Sketchbook Diaries. That really is a mighty big accomplishment, congrats to James, whose Superf*ckers #2 is on its way to me right this very minute. Can't wait!

And finally, we bid a fond farewell to the Galaxy's best column (sorry guys, it really was my favorite, even though I've read like, two manga books ever), International Geographic. Having a more "comic creating-focused" Rob is definitely what the world needs, because he is one of the best, but I was a little misty eyed about losing such a wonderful, wonderful column. It's now a sadder internet. We'll miss you Rob.

Finally, a miniature Batman we can all enjoy!

The Daily Burn celebrates #100. Congrats Mick, keep burning baby!

And if you haven't been following the F*@% Yeah Files over at the Long Box, shame on you. I nominate the F*@% Yeah Files for inclusion into the F*@% Files for inclusion into the F*@% Yeah Files.

RIP Rosa.

Finally, Shane looks to be back at full speed. Excellent links for all!

Guess what? Permanent Damage!!!!

Joe Casey and Matt Fraction on the end of the Intimates.

I never link to this, so here: Lying in the Gutters.

Chip n Dale DVD Episode list. Yay!

And finally, if you've got some spare dough, go help out comic creator and swell guy Jason Marcy.


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