Monday, October 17, 2005

Weak Six

Things definitely didn't look good this weekend.

First, the Falcons sucked. I don't care if they won, they shouldn't have, their defense played like crap, despite the two kick-ass touchdowns they scored. You could say that New Orleans was due a good game, but I say that's bullshit. The team didn't get in the endzone against the 49ers, but we couldn't seem to stop 'em. Ridiculous. And why the hell was Vick starting? After the excellent outing by Scuab last week, Vick would be resting his million dollar legs. Maybe then we don't see those turnovers. Still, the game was won and almost lost by our on-again off-again defense. After we weren't able to pressure the Pats it seems we can't get anything going. Bottom line, the Saints are nowhere near as good as we let them be.

Tampa Bay seems to be like our biggest hurdle at the moment. They'll have a ton of momentum built by the time we face 'em, and I'm not sure we can beat them. We won't if we keep this shit up. The Panthers have a good team too, but they're more like the Falcons in that unpredictable category, they never do what you think they should/can. Still, it'll be a close race in the division, eventually someone will burst the TB bubble.

Cowboys pulled it out too, glad to see it. Sucks that Julius Jones is hurt, I lost a key fantasy player dammit! But, seriously, that was a tough game for me as a fan. I am firmly behind Bledsoes comeback and the rebuilding of the Dallas franchise, but I also want the Giants to do well, so I'd have like the outcome either way.

Boy Cleveland really lost it didn't they? And what about the Pats loss to the Broncos? Niiiice.

Seattle got it back, it seems, makes me feel a little better about our loss to them. The Bengals are riding high as well, I say good for them, the town deserves it.

Vinny T didn't look so hot in his second week as starting Jets QB against Buffalo. I still think this is a good Buffalo team, and next year they might be a great one.

The biggest story though HAS to be the Vikings. What the hell? Everytime I watch them play the phrase "We're better off without Randy Moss." runs through my head. Looks like Moss' attitude was the thing that kept the team from imploding, as they have now successfully done. The stats are far better than the score would show you, but that just adds more fuel to the fire. And Fed Ex has to be shooting themselves for having a Minnesota player as one of their spokesmen. This "sex cruise" scandal isn't going to make things easier either. And that new stadium they wanted? You can kiss that goodbye now. If I was Mike Tice I'd be looking for another job.


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