Sunday, October 30, 2005

Logan-1, Bill Gates-1Billion

HAHA, screw you Billy boy! I fixed my X-Box!!!!!!!

Well, not exactly, it cost me fifty bucks, and essentially I just took two broken boxes and made one that works, and it works better than it did before too. I may end up with two boxes in the end, if I can fix the other, but I'll be in no rush to do it, I'm just glad to have one fixed.

This week, I've decided, will be "take care of nagging problems week". Such as filing away some comics, alphabetizing some DVDs, cleaning off this mess of a computer desk, sending off some mail-in rebates, wash my car, give it a tune-up and an oil change, fix that damn squeaking belt, and some other crap I've put off for far too long.

And maybe I'll get to read a ton of comics, since my list has only grown. I'm hoping to start getting an extra day a week off for picking up an extra shift. So, I'd be working a double one day and having an extra whole day off, which should make for a good amount of free time to do more reading and writing. But, I'm not sure that will happen. I am taking tomorrow off from football, since my Falcons are on a bye week. They deserve it, if I get bored I might pop the tube on and catch one of the games, more likely I'll watch one of the movies I've been putting off, or actually play the X-Box.

I've finished off The Adventures of Superman and the third disc of Deadwood, more about them tomorrow probably.

So, yeah, tonight I sleep with a sense of accomplishment. After losing my poker game, it's a much needed rush!


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