Friday, October 21, 2005

Lois & Clark

Finished off this boxed set yesterday. Never seen a single episode until now, and I did enjoy it a good deal. The first episode was almost crap though. But the series picked up soon after. A shame they changed Olsen's, even though I didn't care for the guy playing him. He didn't deserve to be dumped after a full season just because he resembled Dean Cain. and Debby Joy LKevine sure did like taking credit for the decision to let Ma Kent make the costume. Apparently she never watched the George Reeves series. She just seems to like taking credit for a whole hell of a lot when not much of what she brought to the series was even original to Superman, much less TV.

Still, I enjoyed it despite her incessant prattling on the commentary and the behind the scenes stuff. And she really didn't need to bad mouth Seaquest DSV. Who cares how bad it was?

I also realized the Superman: Birthright series I reviewed at CBG awhile back owes a nod to this, the "modern" Ma Kent. Waid really borrowed some of her personality and it worked well both there and here. And Lex, played by John Shea, is almost as good here as Rosenbaum is in Smallville.

Speaking of, how freaking cool was Aquaman? I hate the "A.C." crap, but he was still cool. I hope Laura saw it, or at least taped it. Still got a strong feeling that this is the end for the Smallville gang.

Back to L&C, I liked it, enough to maybe buy future sets. Starting on Adventures of Superman soon, looks to be one hell of a set.


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