Thursday, October 06, 2005



The promo for this should have read "From the studio that brought you Ice Age comes a movie nowhere near as good." Unfunny, generic plot elements strung togehter into a very, very pretty piece of crap. D-

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

I never watched this series, but so far I'm enjoying it. Cheesy, but mostly fun, the SFX are really lacking but they got the characters right mostly. Jimmy Olsen bugs the hell out of me, but the Lois/Clark dynamic is really good. Smallville it ain't, but it's fun. So far: B

Dallas 362

Good movie written and directed by and starring Scott Caan and co-starring Jeff Goldblum as well, Jeff Goldblum (not really, but isn't he always playing himself?). It's good, a bit "been there, done that", it's the story of two kids growing up and growing apart. Somewhat violent and thought provoking, it's not the best movie I've seen all year, but it's damn good, especially considering someone barely known for his acting is behind it. Here's hoping this isn't his last movie. B+


I like the cast (Dermot Mulroney, Josh Lucas), but the story of a brother who comes back to claim his part (or, actually all of it) of the inheritence their father left him leads to an ultraviolent run-and-hide flik. It got hailed by Ebert as one of the year's best, but I found it severely lacking, there just wasn't enough here to keep the plot moving continually. A few decent plot twists and good dialogie and it looks brilliant, but the plot just didn't hold my interest for two hours.C



Grounded #3

Hmm, mediocre first issue, good second issue, an almost incomprehensible third issue. Damn, I had hoped this would turn out to be one of the better capes stories out there, but it's not looking likely. I have almost no idea what happened this issue except at the end. Still looks really good though.C-

Jon Sable Freelance: Bloodtrail #4

Man I wish this was a monthly. Grell's best work, art wise, maybe ever. Each page is gorgeous and the plot is moving along nicely, incorporating some of Sable's history with the current storyline in a completly modern setting. I'd gnaw off my right hand to have this coming at me once a month.A+

Cable & Deadpool #20

Bosom Buddies Pt. 1, it see's the dynamic duo having finally gone their seprate ways. Wade meets up with a trio of sexy bounty hunters and his old buddy Weasel while Nate waxes poetic about maybe ruling the world. Fabes is outdoing himself with the comedy, I laughed out loud at the "Chimichanga" thing. Good stuff all around. B+

Y, the Last Man #37

Pretty sure I didn't need to see Yorick's private parts, but the plot development is interesting. I'm wondering if he'll actually get to meet up with Beth or if we're just getting teased again. Three years and still going strong, can't wait to see what happens next. B+


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