Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lots and Lots of Stuff

Yeah, like the title says:

New column up at the Galaxy, so go read My Indy Jones right now. While you're there check out Breakdowns and Last Call. Then read this nifty interview by Gordon and this review from newcomer Derik. That should be enough to sustain your Galaxy fix for the day.

Indy comic creators draw Arrested Development characters. Brilliant. Franklin is my favorite.

Fanboy Rampage closes shop. I seem to be the only one who really doesn't care. No offense Graeme.

I forgot Larry Young's birthday. Shame on me. Happy birthday Larry!

Dave's got a new bag, the F&%# Yeah Files. Good idea, I'll have to steal it some time.

Done to death on the blog-o-whatever, but here it is again, Batman's Boner.

New blogs to keep an eye on, Madinkbeard and A Movie a Day.

Some stuff I watched:

Imaginary Heroes

Well acted movie, good direction, but a mediocre script. It's the story of a family dealing with a suicide. Solid performance by Sigourney Weaver and Emile Hersch, even Jeff Daniels gives a good outing, they just don't bring it up to what it could be with a great script. What should be an emotional rollercoaster of a film turns into a "hey, look how fucked up we are, and while you're at it, here's a mystery for you to solve!" I'm tiring of the "plot twist" in movies, there's just not much originality in most of them. Still, Weaver makes it worth watching. Damn she can be sexy. B-

Dune: The Director's Cut

Sci-Fi Channel remake, or adaption, whatever. Not bad, but the 5+ hours felt a little much, even after days breaks in-between the discs. Decent acting, pretty good FX for the budget, but the script felt a tad over the top at times. Still, I liked it enough to check out the follow-up, via Netflix eventually. B

What I read:

Identity Crisis #1

Ummmm....I have no idea hat just happened. C

New Avengers #1

I just read this for free and I still feel ripped off. What the hell? Bendis has lost his mind. C


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