Friday, October 14, 2005

Quickies 10/14/05

Apologies for the lull, I worked an 11 hour day yesterday and had to finish a column last night, so I just didn't have time for an update. But, I still love you, so here's some comics:

Cable & Deadpool #21

Part 2 of "Bosom Buddies", guest starring Cage and Iron Fist. Plenty o' jokes about Bendis' Avengers book, my favorite:

Cage: "I'm in the Avengers now."
Deadpool: "You are not!" "No wonder they're keeping it a secret, next you're gonna tell me they recruited Spider-Woman."

It's a fun book, but almost nothing happens plot-wose, thoguh there was a pretty sweet revelation on the last page. B

Y, the Last Man #38

No sign of Yorick's penis this issue, thank merciful God. I like the trash reporter finding out about Yorick, makes sense, the stuff with the Doc was a little bit of a waste, and the flashback was cool, I'm hoping it leads to some revelations. Still no sign of Beth, which makes me think we won't be seeing a re-uniting of the love birds with this arc, but I can still hope. Nice cliffhanger too. A-

The Goon 25 cents Issue

I guess that's the name, I dunno. I've only read a few Goon stories, but I always enjoy them, I've got the first TPB on order and can't wait to get it. This is a nice little one-off that surely ties into Eric Powell's overall scheme but you don;t really need any knowledge to read it. I love the jokes, especially Goon trashing a bar and paying for the damage because he's trying to collect on a five dollar debt. Made me laugh. Good art, solid story, and it has my interest piqued about the rest of the series. Mission acomplished guys! A

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1

When you say Peter David and Mike Weiringo are doing a Spidey book, one would automatically think "That's gonna be good." But, it's not. 'Ringo's art looks rushed, and the plot is the beginning of some stupid crossover, David's humour is almost non-existent, and the Pete/MJ sex innuendo to start the book almost made me put it down immediately. Definitely not a book I'll be continuing to read. Thanks for the false hope Marvel. C

The Science Fair #1

Very, very good book about the death of a cowboy. The art reminds me of Ben Templesmith, only slightly more mainstream. The story is excellent, surreal, but not so bizaare that you don't get it. I'll be talking more about this book in a later column, but for now just know that you need to seek it out. A+

Arrested Development: The Complete Second Season

I watched the whole set in two days. The blooper reel is fantastic, but I hate that the whole cast isn't in the commentraks. Will Arnett might be the funniest man on the planet. Just seeing him on that Segue (sp?) always makes me laugh. The foreshadowing is brilliant, and I couldn't stop laughing when they showed a flashback of Buster watching George Michael re-inact Luke loosing his hand in Star Wars. This is the best written show ever on TV, and if you're not watching it there's a special place in Hell for you! Kidding!A+++++++++++++

South Park: The Complete Sixth Season

Almost finished this off as well. Probably one of the best season for the show, especially with the development of Butters and Tweak as solid, bankable characters. The Lord of the Rings parody is a laugh-riot and so is the Tower to Heaven episode. Hell, the season opens with a hilarious parody of the Subway diet fad. Good stuff. A


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