Monday, October 24, 2005

Obligatory Sports

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That was the scene in the bottom of the 9th last night as the White Sox went ahead 2 games over the Astros. Podsenik's home run was amazing, and a real redemption for the the team, who's pitching had all but blown the game. Of course, a fatal call by an ump led to the bases load for the Sox and the grand slam. It was a blown call, which would have left the game either tied by Podsednik in the 9th, or would have even led to a 'Stros victory. I really hated to see something like that. I never watch many regular season games, I honestly just don't like baseball since the strike those many years ago. But, it's always hard not to get wrapped up in something so amazing. I did it last year with Boston, I'm doing it this year with Chicago. Here's hoping the reast of the series is as exciting as last night's game!

As for my beloved football...

The Eagles are one lucky team, I swear. But, going for the field goal when you're already up by four was idiotic anyway, so they (San Diego) deserved what they got. At best you gwt it and they need a TD to tie. But, if you blow it they have decent field position and time to score. At worst, they block it and run it back for a TD, so why not punt? Well, the worst happened, and they deserved it.

Speaking of good luck...or bad luck if you're the Cowboys, Seatlle really pulled it together didn't they? The Cowboys inability to capitalize on a turnover lead to this loss I think. The game should have been wrapped up well before the final seconds. But it was exciting.

Also in the bad luck realm, the 49ers. Geez, they're mighty iffy this year. Good for the Redskins though.

How about them Colts? Best team in football? Maybe the best team to ever set foot on the field I say. 80 points in two games after giving up the lead early. simply amazing. Their defense seems to get stronger as the game goes on and that in turn just fires up the offense. They are stunning to watch.

Did anyone care about the Minnesota/Green Bay game? Despite how crappy the Texans are, I say these are the two worst teams in football.

And those poor Bengals. I was rooting for them!

Lions/Bears? Again, I say, who cares? (HA!)

Rams/Saints might have been an okay game to watch, but that would have put me rooting for the Saints, something they don't deserve.

Oh, and Go Giants!

Tonight I get to see if the Falcons D can take down an 80 year old QB. Somehow I doubt it.

"He's not moving at all coach, we don't know how to catch him!"

Heh. Nah, they should handle the Jets no problem...I hope.


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