Friday, October 28, 2005

Captain Sulu is Gay

I say good for him.

It's Friday, hich means new Galaxy stuff. Be sure and check out Breakdowns and Last Call, then read the Oz reviews. All good stuff, I swear.

Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain could be on DVD soon. Not soon enough I say!

Could there be anything better than a hip-hop Yoda? Yes, a breakdancing Transformer.

Hey, it's a look at one of my all-time favorite books, Ice Haven. Certainly not new material, but Ice Haven is a book that can continually be explored, so anytime I stumble on a review of it makes me happy. Especially if it's a good one.

See, we were all right, Stephen King will be working for the devil...errr, Marvel.

Speaking of the devil, Marvel has decided that it really would like me to wait for the "collected editions of their stories from now on. How did they do this? By placing and ad opposite every single page in all of their comics, presumably from now until the end of time. There's a double page Honda Civic ad, but no double page spreads for the art. Excuse my French, but FUCK YOU MARVEL. Not only do I now have to wade through more ads, but I still have to pay the same price. More ads=more ad revenue, which should offput some of their cost. So, do they pass this on to us? No, they don't.

Not to say I didn't enjoy the books, I did. There's only a handful of comics i'm reading from The House of Idiots these days, and Cable & Deadpool is the only monthly series out of those. So, while i'm content to finish off the Drax the Destroyer mini, I won't be buying another issue of The Book of Lost Souls. Of course, I will be buying C&D until it is ultimately cancelled. I've heard rumours that it will cease to be by #25, anyone know for sure? After that, yeah, no more Marvel monthlies. Which brings me to reviews:

The Book of Lost Souls #1

J.M. Straz teams up with the uber-lovely Coleen Doran for a pretty good read. It has traces of Straz's Midnight Nation and can be a bit pretentious, but it's hard not to be when you're dealing with psuedo-religious type things. Doran's art, as always, is phenomenal, adding a lot of depth to a pretty thin plot. It's all set-up of course, but at least it's a very pretty set up. JMS, to me at least, has fallen into that Jeph Loeb formula, ogten only as good as his artist. I really did enjoy this, but given Straz's past slowness of plot and Marvel's F-U to the readers, I won't be buying it in a monthly form. If it never gets collected I'll scour discount bins for it.

Drax the Destroyer #2

Still not keen on the art, but Giffen writes one hell of a story. It's nice to read a book that you know isn't going to spill out into (or be affected by) every other friggin' book Marvel publishes. It's just good old fashined self contained fun. This issue is pretty much one giant fight scene with a few good laughs and a kick-you-in-the-ass ending. Can't wait to see the resurrection. Oh, and the misleading promis of the cover was a good trick, but damn it pissed me off. I want some Thanos!

Both good books, but neither worth it because of the ads. Thanks a whole hell of a lot Marvel.

Haven't watched much of anything this week, babysitting and work keep me busy. Mostly work. Baby bro is too young to be much trouble, and I never have to watch him for long.

I am four episodes in to Deadwood Season 1, and while I could do without the language, I'm enjoying it immensely. After this comes The Prisoner, so I'm trying to finish it up pretty quickly, but failing miserably.

Oh, and i'm now three figures away from having a Sentinel. Out of the new Marvel Legends figures I only have Spidey, Angel and Black OPanther left to get. Angel is proving the hardest to find. I even managed to pick up the chase Cyclops.

Image hosted by

Here's what the Sentinel looks like:

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Okay, off to finish my Halloween column. Have a great weekend!


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